School News

The aim of this section is to provide parents with a brief update of the many events, activities, visitors and trips that happen at St Mary’s throughout each month.  We hope you enjoy reading about all these great opportunities that are offered to our children and parents.

Shortenills 2017

Shortenills Update

The children are having lovely time. They have enjoyed activities such as a campfire, bat watching and exploring the site using maps. The weather has been kind to us remaining dry.

More photos will be added later today.

PGL 2017

Welcome back Year 6!

It was lovely to welcome Year 6 back after their week at PGL, they returned a tired but happy group. I heard lots of comments from the children about how much they had enjoyed the trip. 1 16.6.17 2 16.6.17 3 16.6.17 4 16.6.17 5 16.6.17

Have a restful weekend and we will see you back at school on Monday.

More News from PGL

The children are continuing to have a wonderful time enjoying the activities. They have had lovely weather, although there have been some rain showers today!

1 15.6.17 2 15.6.17 3 15.6.17 4 15.6.17

PGL Update

The children have settled in to their accommodation and slept well last night. They have enjoyed their first day of activities and have reported that the food is ‘really good!’ I will keep you updated with their activities each day.